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Galaxy’s fabrication team brings years of experience to the manufacture of safe, functional and affordable welded assemblies.  From simple carts and dollies for general manufacturing needs to large complex transportation fixtures for the Aerospace industry our certified team of welders and inspectors ensure the job gets done right.  Our team’s extensive knowledge of the industry and OEM welding specifications and inspection techniques are put to work on every project.  Working directly with our engineering and machine shop they have a complete understanding of each job and ensure critical features are identified and planned. Safe work platforms, proof-loaded joints, and vacuum tight layup and bond tools for composite parts are our specialty.       

  • Transportation fixtures
  • Carts, dollies worktables
  • Work platforms, stands
  • Assembly structures, layup molds, bond tools
  • Mold repair
  • GTAW, FCAW, GMAW, SMAW Micro-welding, NDT testing available LEVEL II ASNTC ON SITE
  • AWS D1.1 AWS D1.1,AWS D1.2,AWS D17.1,AWSD14.1/14.1M certified

Boeing, Lockheed, Spirt Aerospace approved.

  1     METAL MUNCHER, Model MM-100 5-Station Fabrication Center.
  2     FLOW 6012 IFB Dynamic Waterjet. Machine travel: “X” = 144”, “Y” = 72”, “Z” = 6
  1     Meta-Lax Model 1701 Stress Relief and Weld conditioning System.
  1    Weldlogic Pulsearc MD10/100 Dual Range Precision Pulsed Micro Welder ranging from .1-100 amps and 2000 pulses per second. Equipped with a Olympus SZX         12 Research Stereo Microscope system and a Precision Abrasive Jet Cleaning System.
  1    MILLER, Model 350LX Syncrowave TIG Welders.
  1    MILLER, Model CP-200 MIG Welder.
  1    MILLER, Model CP-302 MIG Welder.
  2    MILLER, Model XMT MIG Welder with Cobra Matic Aluminum Wire Feeders.
  4    MILLER, Model XMT 304 MIG Welders.
  1    Hyper Therm Power Max 1650 Plasma Cutting System. Cuts 1 ½” thick alum and 1 ¼” thick steel.
  2    OXY=Acetylene Equipment.

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Galaxy Technologies has steadily climbed their way to the top of our preferred supplier list over the years. Due to their excellent project management, communication, and dedication to quality, we are happy to have a partner like Galaxy Technologies that is committed to helping our business grow now, and in the years to come.

- GKN Aerospace Engine Systems

Galaxy is a great supplier. The attention to all detail on every aspect of the build is one of a kind on each program. Team work they provide and support is remarkable. Their experience to all build questions is on point and they are not afraid to provide their insight to the build.


Galaxy Technologies is a favored first tier supplier for Boeing Defense Systems of St. Louis Mo. Galaxy Technologies quality and delivery are second to none in the aerospace industry. First time quality is not just a catch phrase, it is something they live and breath everyday. Some of the countries best designers, machinists and toolmakers are from SE Kansas the airplane capital of the world. Their capabilities of concept, design and final fabrication of major and minor tooling jigs, fixtures and components is what make them stand out above the competition.

- Large Major OEM

Galaxy has maintained the highest quality and delivery throughout our working relationship and during Hawker Tooling Offload Program in previous years. Hawker views Galaxy as a very valued partner and would recommend them as a supplier to other companies.

- Hawker Beechcraft

I have come to expect great results with GTC based on our many years of working together and have not been disappointed. I feel GTC sets the benchmark for service and quality when it comes to design and tool build.

- Rubbermaid

Just wanted to let you know the 680 Winglet Check Fixtures that you built for us are working great! Stay healthy.

- Winglet Technology, LLC

We find your team to be technically skilled, good communicators who understand both our needs and those of our customer, and systematically find a way to meet them. I assure you that this performance, along with the favorable performance you have shown us for years, rank you among our most preferred suppliers.

- Synchronous Aerospace Group, Helicomb International

Galaxy has been a valuable partner to Boom Supersonic in our mission for more connected travel. By supporting our CNC needs with amazing quality and service we have been able to keep our manufacturing teams fluid in the assembly of the XB-1 Demonstrator. We at Boom very much appreciate and look forward to a continued partnership with Galaxy Technologies.

- Boom Supersonic

Because of Galaxy's versatility, we are assured that unique tooling can be produced in a quality manner and meet our strenuous deadlines.

- Cessna Aircraft Co.

We Finally got the bridge mold plumed and we ran it on Tuesday It ran great, parts look good and fit good, see attachments, and they look like they will pass our FA measurements. Thank you for doing us a great job. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

- Lifetime Products