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  1    CHARMILLES, Wire CNC Robofil 510“XY” travel 27.55 x 15.75, “UV” travel 27.55 x    15.75, Weight capacity 4400lbs.
  1       CHARMILLES, CNC RoboForm 400 with a 128 AMP power supply, C axis, and 20 position tool changer. Table travel; “X” = 17.7", “Y” = 12.6", “Z” = 16.14". Table capacity 1200 lbs. 
  1    CHARMILLES, CNC RoboForm 51 with a 64 AMP power supply, C axis, and 24 position tool changer. . Table travel; “X” = 23.62", “Y” = 15.74", “Z” = 17.71". Table capacity 2200 lbs. 
  1    CHARMILLES, CNC RoboForm 35P with a 64 AMP power supply, C axis, and 32 position tool changer. Table travel; “X” = 13.75", “Y” = 9.84", “Z” = 11.81". Table capacity 1100 lbs.   
  1    CHARMILLES, CNC HD30 Hole Drilling EDM with a 30 AMP power supply. Table travel; “X” = 19.6", “Y” = 15.7", “Z” = 11.8". Table capacity 660 lbs. Min. hole dia. of .010, Max. hole dia. of .125


Galaxy has maintained the highest quality and delivery throughout our working relationship and during Hawker Tooling Offload Program in previous years. Hawker views Galaxy as a very valued partner and would recommend them as a supplier to other companies.

Hawker Beechcraft

We find your team to be technically skilled, good communicators who understand both our needs and those of our customer, and systematically find a way to meet them. I assure you that this performance, along with the favorable performance you have shown us for years, rank you among our most preferred suppliers.

Synchronous Aerospace Group, Helicomb International

I have come to expect great results with GTC based on our many years of working together and have not been disappointed. I feel GTC sets the benchmark for service and quality when it comes to design and tool build.


Because of Galaxy's versatility, we are assured that unique tooling can be produced in a quality manner and meet our strenuous deadlines.

Cessna Aircraft Co.