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CNC Machinist - 1st and 2nd Shift

  • 09/30/2022 12:00:00
  • Full Time
  • Machinist
  • Winfield

Job Description

General Description:

 Galaxy Technologies is looking for experienced 3-axis and 5-axis CNC Machinists for 1st and 2nd Shift. Apply now to join our growing team! 

 Our finished products include high quality aerospace tooling or mold inserts.



    • Obtain information for upcoming jobs by communicating with programmers, tool makers, and opposite shift regarding specifications, potential issues, tie-in details, and work order numbers.
    • Prepare to run job by locating, prepping, and setting up machine, tools, tooling, cutters, parts, fixtures, and materials.
    • Manufacture repeat parts by reading tie-in sheet; starting up machine; resetting and changing tooling; loading and editing program or waiting for new program; running program; ensuring machine is running correctly; obtaining part layout from tool maker; removing part; deburring and cleaning part; labeling part; and removing tooling.
    • Manufacture new parts by obtaining materials, prints, and programs; setting up parts and tools; writing, editing, and loading program; running part per print, model, program, or tool maker instructions; ensuring machine is running correctly; obtains part layout; removing part; deburring and cleaning part; labeling part; and removing tooling.
    • Perform machinery maintenance on CNC department machinery and cutting equipment by repairing machines, verifying pivot lengths, flycutting tables, and sharpening and/or replacing cutters.
    • Ensure job accuracy by reading blueprints, verifying dimensions, checking parts per print dimension, editing programs, editing feeds and speeds, proving programs, and creating programs in Prospector.
    • Maintain electronic information by backing up programs and CNC files. Generates data via shop floor programming for CNC equipment lacking data. Maintains historical data by filing programs.
    • Improve production quality, efficiency, and timeliness by modifying programs and revising production notes and programs.
    • Ability to operate multiple machines including Bridgeports and grinders; utilizes non-CNC equipment in support of CNC operations.
    • Conduct machine maintenance by identifying needed repairs, filling and/or replacing fluids, checking lubrication lines, cleaning and/or replacing filters, and checking hoses. Cleans machines, tool changer, bay oil screen, coolant tank, and tool pot doors. Completes machine maintenance sheet.
    • Maintain quality standards by reworking jobs to meet specifications.
    • Record machine time by logging hours the machine has been powered on, run times and spindle revolutions.
    • Maintain personal precision tools by inspecting, calibrating, repairing and ordering tooling.
    • Maintain safe and clean working environment.



Required Experience and Skills:


  • Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent

  • Must have at least 2 years of basic CNC machinist experience

  • Must have set-up experience

  • Must have basic math knowledge

  • Must be able to read and interpret blue-prints and set-up documents

  • Must have experience running Haas machines using Fanuc controls

  • Must understand basic G-codes

  • Must know speeds and feeds to edit program when necessary

  • Must be able to use micrometers and other measurement devices