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3-Axis CNC Machinist

  • 07/31/2023 12:00:00
  • Full Time
  • Machinist
  • Winfield

Job Description


Do you value having an impact on your community and companies around the world? Do you have a passion for working with your hands and learning new things daily? Do you value creating a quality product?   If so, we would like to have you join the Galaxy Technologies team to help us promote and achieve our goals!

We are seeking experienced 3 and 5-Axis Machinists to join our growing team.  Training will include 30-90 days working with tenured machinists to learn set up, programming, and machining of our complex parts.  Previous experience in a machine shop is greatly recommended!  Galaxy serves our customers creating quality, unique parts to meet their needs.  This means that you will not be producing the same part week after week.  We offer first and second-shift opportunities, Monday-Friday 8-hour shifts, with availability for overtime when needed.

Our climate-controlled facility, located in Winfield, KS is 145,000 square feet of modern manufacturing filled with a variety of CNC machinery, lathes, weld shops, and one of the largest 5-axis gantry mills in the US.  To accompany the machines, we also have a 30,500-square-foot assembly area. Galaxy has been in business since 1987 serving the molding, plastics, aerospace, and defense industries.   If this sounds like the right career path for you, please apply today! The full job description is listed below.





    • Obtain information for upcoming jobs by communicating with programmers, tool makers, and opposite shift regarding specifications, potential issues, tie-in details, and work order numbers.
    • Prepare to run job by locating, prepping, and setting up machine, tools, tooling, cutters, parts, fixtures, and materials.
    • Manufacture repeat parts by reading tie-in sheet; starting up machine; resetting and changing tooling; loading and editing program or waiting for new program; running program; ensuring machine is running correctly; obtaining part layout from tool maker; removing part; deburring and cleaning part; labeling part; and removing tooling.
    • Manufacture new parts by obtaining materials, prints, and programs; setting up parts and tools; writing, editing, and loading program; running part per print, model, program, or tool maker instructions; ensuring machine is running correctly; obtains part layout; removing part; deburring and cleaning part; labeling part; and removing tooling.
    • Perform machinery maintenance on CNC department machinery and cutting equipment by repairing machines, verifying pivot lengths, flycutting tables, and sharpening and/or replacing cutters.
    • Ensure job accuracy by reading blueprints, verifying dimensions, checking parts per print dimension, editing programs, editing feeds and speeds, proving programs, and creating programs in Prospector.
    • Maintain electronic information by backing up programs and CNC files. Generates data via shop floor programming for CNC equipment lacking data. Maintains historical data by filing programs.
    • Improve production quality, efficiency, and timeliness by modifying programs and revising production notes and programs.
    • Ability to operate multiple machines including Bridgeports and grinders; utilizes non-CNC equipment in support of CNC operations.
    • Conduct machine maintenance by identifying needed repairs, filling and/or replacing fluids, checking lubrication lines, cleaning and/or replacing filters, and checking hoses. Cleans machines, tool changer, bay oil screen, coolant tank, and tool pot doors. Completes machine maintenance sheet.
    • Maintain quality standards by reworking jobs to meet specifications.
    • Record machine time by logging hours the machine has been powered on, run times and spindle revolutions.
    • Maintain personal precision tools by inspecting, calibrating, repairing and ordering tooling.
    • Maintain safe and clean working environment.



Required Experience and Skills:


  • Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent

  • Must have at least 2 years of basic CNC machinist experience

  • Must have set-up experience

  • Must have basic math knowledge

  • Must be able to read and interpret blue-prints and set-up documents

  • Must have experience running Haas machines using Fanuc controls

  • Must understand basic G-codes

  • Must know speeds and feeds to edit program when necessary

  • Must be able to use micrometers and other measurement devices