1    Lincoln Mobilflex 400MS Fume extraction system.

1    Weldlogic Pulsearc MD10/100 Dual Range Precision Pulsed Micro Welder ranging  from .1-100 amps and 2000 pulses per second. Equipped with a Olympus SZX 12 Research Stereo Microscope system and a Precision Abrasive Jet Cleaning System.

2    MILLER, Model 350LX Syncrowave TIG Welders.

1    MILLER, Model CP-200 MIG Welder.

1    MILLER, Model CP-302 MIG Welder.

2    MILLER, Model XMT MIG Welder with Cobra Matic Aluminum Wire Feeders.

2    MILLER, Model XMT 304 MIG Welders.

1    Hyper Therm Power Max 1650 Plasma Cutting System. Cuts 1 ½” thick alum and 1 ¼” thick steel.
  2    OXY=Acetylene Equipment.