Because of Galaxy’s versatility, we are assured that unique tooling can be produced in a quality manner and meet our strenuous deadlines.

—Galaxy Customer, Cessna Aircraft Co.

Galaxy Technologies produces unmatched quality in every tool we make. We have the processes and controls in place to meet exacting customer specifications. Our make-to-order manufacturing process is fast and flexible. Average lead-time from design through production is generally two to eight weeks.

 We specialize in:

  • Custom Design
  • Precision Tooling Fabrication
  • Fabrication of Steel and Aluminum Weldments and Assemblies
  • Secondary Equipment Design and Manufacturing
  • Precision Aerospace Parts
  • State-of-the-art inspection equipment
    • Zeiss CMM (63" x 165" x 55.1")
    • Brown & Sharpe CMM (59" x 35" x 33")
    • Leica and API Laser Trackers
    • Faro PCMM Arms with Laser Scanning
    • PC-DMIS, Calypso, Verisurf inspection software

Galaxy Tool Corporation operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO9001 + AS9100.

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